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Anchoring agricolture
FAST ITALIA srls company, who was already the leader in nursery’s work and green architecture fields in Italy and abroad, gave birth to an innovative patented system called FAST- PLANT®: an anchoring system which can be used in fields like vine growing and wine producing and also floriculture and nurseries.
The patent can also be used for the anchoring of greenhouses, orchards, vineyard poles, rain protections, shadow net, tents for intensive farming, agricultural tensile structure and so on.
Thanks to this new system, we can also have a reduction of logistic costs (the anchoring can be from 125gr to 250 gr according to the length of the rows we need to tighten) comparing to the old system (propellers of 2,5 kg, slabs of 5-10 kg). We can also have a decrease of installation costs, since the use of FAST-PLANT® is really easy.
Installation of anchores  for vineyard poles

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