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FAST ITALIAsrls. beginning of its activity has placed as a starting point and then the cornerstone
of his business
‘QUALITY” of the product, and not as a point of arrival, given that in the 10 years of work has
continuously innovated products and ideas, patenting other anchoring systems for a variety of uses
such as:
- Anchors anemometer towers, gazebos, tents, photovoltaic systems, etc..
All this allows us to have “proven held on a great diversity of types of land in the world,” ease of
use, logistics (since even the small weight of our patent “FAST-IM-PLANT®”) and a very simple
implementation of the system, without additional burdens of fees, and a qualified technical

   Richiedete e visionate il nostro materiale tecnico-informativo nei file PDF iscrivendovi al Form-Contatti,  e vi saranno inviate tutte le specifiche richieste.
FAST ITALIA SRLS. Via Valdorme n. 263  -  50053 Empoli (FI) – ITALY | P.I/C.F  06751340487
puccini.renzo@gmail.com  |  info@fastitaliasrl.it  |  amministrazione@fastitaliasrl.it
Ufficio + 39 347 6682167  |  Tel +39 348 7706460  |  Fax +39 0571 1826555
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