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The underground anchoring system FAST-PLANT® is based on the use of an aluminium anchor, that is knocked in the ground and can be connected to any exterior system that needs to be knocked.
DESCRIPTION The main characteristics of the FAST-PLANT® anchor are represented by: A specific shape, that allows the best result in terms of hold and represents the answer to many functional demands. It allows also an easy penetration of the anchor in the ground and ensures an appropriate hold in stress through the tie-rod. The distribution of the areas, let the anchor make a 90° rotation, with the action of the tie-rod, after being placed at the exact depth, opposing the greatest resistance. The material is composed of an high resistance to the stress, to the collision and the corrosion, and it is also characterized by an high melting, in fact, due to the complexity of the shape and the isotropicity of the needed services, the only process of construction technology valid is the fusion. When it is in the working position, the anchor is connected to any exterior system through the steel rope ( the biggest model now in production holds up to 8000 kg.)
The use of the FAST- PLANT® anchors  FPO– FP1—FP2—FP3 is recommended to hold:  
- headboard of apple orchards and vineyards;  
- nets anti-hail and overshadows;
- greenhouses of various dimensions;
- tensile structures;
- embankments, palisades and nets of containment;
-wind gauge towers;
- photovoltaic systems;
-catenaries for docking of boats;
- rows of nursery;
-trees planting (kit of 3 anchors with strain pawl) ;
-big pots in the nurseries (kit of 3 anchors with strain pawl and system SIKUR POT AND PLANT STOP ®):
-pressostatic tents.
And much more….

Step n° 1
Each anchor is inserted into the ground at the side of the plate using the specific post.
Once you reach the right depth the pole is entracte
Step n°2
Each anchor is rotated by pulling on the cable with a handle.
Step n°3
The plate containing the roots of the plant is harnessed and locked using the appropriate ratchet.
The anchor FAST-PLANT® allows in a natural way the planting, in order to facilitate a faster engraftment and development of aerial roots in comparison to the old system.
The forced contact with the bottom of the excavation, promotes rooting faster.
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